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Remodeling and Home Design

BMW Residential Design

164C Brittany Farms Rd.

New Britain, CT 06053




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Phone 860-229-3822

BMW Residential Design

Custom Home Designs - Home Plans for New Homes - Additions

Helping you bring Your New Home to Life”


Home Plans CT The Chelsea Model Home

Superior Design Assures a Better Built, Better Living Home for your family

Homes are a big investment and you want to get it right the first time. You want to know that all of the money that you are investing is giving you the exact home that you truly envision. You probably won’t find the exact home that you really like on internet plan sites. You might see portions of the home, but not a whole, cohesive, fully articulated home design that addresses your hopes, your dreams, and your vision of the future. The cost of changing or modifying internet home plans can ultimately be more expensive than a custom home design.

“My name is Brian Michael Walsh

I am a Connecticut based Architectural Designer with a 22 year proven history of helping people like you define and design their first custom home or home addition.”  

If you're interested in having a custom home or home addition project designed professionally, quickly, efficiently, and affordably click on the button below to schedule a free Design Strategy Session.


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Schedule Your 1-On-1 Design Consultation

We will talk for 30 minutes. I will help you identify your ideal home project outcome, walk you though our design process in detail and give you the opportunity to ask ANY questions that you may have.

Let’s get started.