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Remodeling and Home Design

BMW Residential Design

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BMW Residential Design

Custom Home Plans - Home Design - Home Additions

“Bringing Your Dream Home to Life”


Home Plans CT The Chelsea Model Home

Building a new home is an adventure with the first step being the design.  You have three options—buy an existing plan, hire an architect, hire a home designer. If you can find a plan in a book or online that you love—go for it.  Your work is finished and you get a set of blueprints for around $1,000 or less.  But the odds are low that you will find exactly the right house for you with no modifications.

The other end of the spectrum is hiring an architect.  You will get personalized service from a highly trained specialist.  And you will pay for it.  There are no set rules for how much an architect will charge because each house and architect is different but let’s make a simplifying assumption and pick $4 a square foot.  That’s $16,000 for a 4,000 square foot house.  And remember you have to live in the final result which means you have a lot of work to do along with the architect in the area of design.

Or you can hire a home designer. Here is what a home designer IS.  The home designer in most cases has an architectural design education and in some cases has a degree or certification from an accredited institution. They have considerable knowledge of Architecture and are skilled at using computer aided design programs to generate complete and ready to build home designs, construction documents, blueprints and 3-D Models.  The home designer will have references—real live people and completed projects that you can go look at and quiz the owners.  The designer will also have a style, a way of doing things artistically. This is what you are buying first and foremost.  Finally, the home designer is a little more expensive than purchasing from plan books, or from the Internet, but a lot less expensive than an architect. And you will get a truly custom home. The  exact numbers are hard to pin down but a home designer should come in at about 30 percent of the cost of an architect.

So, the choice is yours to make.

Choose an Architect or a Home Designer?